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Goggles with Lenses – Anon M1 Goggles Review

Anon M1 Goggles are premium snow goggles. In this review we will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of the product.

They have a magnet-based lens system that’s interchangeable making it easy to swap out the lenses in changing light conditions. The frames are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and are designed to be flexible no matter the temperature as well as elastic to fit a variety of facial shapes. The lenses themselves are injection-molded and have Solar Shield Technology to support resistance to scratching.

The lenses have also been treated with anti-fog material, giving the wearer clear vision in changing weather conditions. The foam in the goggles with lenses is triple-layer and has moisture-wicking fleece to seal the eyes securely from the elements. Consumers can choose from two different types of lenses. The Black Emblem has a red-mirrored lens while the Agent frame has a silver lens.

The pros of these goggles are that they make swapping lenses simple. Most of the goggles available today have a mechanical locking system, but Anon developed their strategy to make it easier to change lenses using magnets. There are six magnets around the frame and users simply pull the lens off and drop in a different one without having to deal with tabs or latches. When compared to similar models, consumers found that changing the lenses was much easier on the Anon M1 goggles. Although it does require a little finesse, mastering the method of switching out the lenses is fairly basic.

Another pro is the flexibility of the frames. While it would seem logical that with a magnet-attached lens the frame would need to be more rigid, this is not the case for the M1. Torqueing both sides of the frame don’t cause the lens to become dislodged. The magnets in the frame and lens are powerful and it’s hard to dislodge the frame even with extensive twisting and bending.
The lens retention was excellent and a definite pro for this product. During brutal wipe-outs, the magnets still stayed put and although one or two were occasionally dislodged, the lens stayed on the frame and it was easy to snap back into place.

M1 Goggle – Agent with Silver Solex LensSnowglasses Anon M1 Black

While there are many pros to this product, the M1 has some short-comings as well. Unlike similar models, the M1′s strap is not lined with silicone. While most people did not find this to be a problem, it may cause the goggles to be less secure and move around. The strap may also limit the type of helmet used.

Another pro with the M1 is the price. Although the retail price is similar to comparative models, the additional lenses are almost $100 each, while most models only charge about $50 for their additional lenses. The manufacturers state that since their lenses have advanced treatments and technology, the price bump is understandable. However, some may find this price hard to swallow.
Overall, these goggles are an advantage on the slopes, especially for hard-core snowboarders who need the features. However, with the high price tag, less frequent fans are probably better off going for a less expensive version.

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Goggles with Lenses – Anon Hawkeye Goggles Review

Anon Hawkeye Goggles Review – If you are looking for quality goggles with lenses, there are definitely many kinds of different lenses that have goggles with great lenses added to it. Goggles are very wonderful to own if you are into skiing, snowboarding, and other forms of different sports that end up making you feel wind and other moving debree possibly getting into your eyes. Goggles with lenses are great to have, but only a few are worth buying and using on a daily basis. There are definitely plenty of goggles that you can use, but it is highly recommended to use the anon Hawkeye goggles.

What are the Anon Hawkeye goggles?

These goggles are top of the line that can give you the best possible goggles. There are thousands of people who have found their goggles being extremely useful during those times they are going down those winter slopes and the snow is beginning to get into their eyes. You will find that the anon Hawkeye goggles is extremely useful and definitely very powerful. It is vital that you always use Anon Hawkeye goggles since they do not come off easily and have just the right features to give you top of the line quality protection. You want to keep your eyes as protected as possible, and these goggles can do a lot for you.

What makes so many people enjoy the Anon Hawkeye goggles worth it is the fact that they can be perfect and just what you need to finally get the goggles you need. These goggles have been considered as useful because of the strong cover and the goggles are built out of. It has a low-profile design which makes it easy to have on your head and never ruins or makes you feel anxious. Their goggles are extremely powerful and can keep your eyes protected very well. It is definitely good since there are tons of UV rays that can easily ruin your eyesight and the skin around your eyes.

Hawkeye goggles are extremely powerful for keeping your eyes safe as much as possible. There is high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane which makes sure that it is able to deal with the weather and changing weather conditions. It has great flexibility to fit all kinds of different face shapes no matter how big or weirdly shaped your face may be. This alone makes it perfect for all active athletes. It is definitely worth it in the end to get these goggles since there are tons of cool additional features that are added to these goggles.

Anon Hawkeye Painted 12 Men’s Goggle – Team BlueAnon Hawkeye Printed 12 Men’s Goggle – The Plan

Anon Hawkeye goggles are extremely affordable compared to other forms of goggles. These are affordable and can fit anybody’s head. It is also very well designed to last longer than other forms of goggles that are available. It was shaped like an ordinary helmet to help keep it strong and withstand any hard falls that you may make. It is very easy to make mistakes and do other kinds of things, so you want to be very careful.

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Goggles with Lenses – Anon Realm Goggles Review

Anon Realm Goggles Review, These goggles are high quality skiing goggles with lenses that feature Anon’s Spherical Lens Technology. This improves optical clarity, while at the same time giving you a great fit, great form, and great function. Anon Realm goggles provided wearers with superior visibility in weather conditions ranging from extremely bright sun to hard falling snow, making them ideal for use by skiers.

Anon Realm Goggles Specifications:

- Goggles feature Tru-V lenses for 100% UV protection
- Removable Air Mesh Ventilation system
- Anti-fog treatment to keep lenses from fogging up
- Triple layer facial foam provides improved goggle to face fit
- Seals out wind, snow, and sun to provide wearer with hours of comfort on the slopes

Pros and Cons of the Anon Realm Goggles

Customers that own and use the Anon Realm Goggles state that these goggles with lenses are easy to use, stylish, durable, and lightweight. They also state that the goggle performs very well in many weather situations including slushy conditions, icy conditions, powdery snow, and white out conditions.

The Anon Realm goggles with lenses are also available in a variety of different styles and colors, all made from the same high quality materials and having the same general high quality features.

Very few negative comments were made by any of the consumers who had purchased these goggles. Almost all owners found them to meet or exceed their expectations. Of the few who did have something negative to say, it was about the foam layers separating to the point where she needed to replace her goggles at the end of the season. Another user mentioned the side pieces designed to hold the strap broke and that they experienced slight fogging of the lenses.

Anon Men’s Realm Premium Goggles – Infantry/Gold ChromeAnon Realm Printed Men’s Goggle – Pinball WizardAnon Men’s Realm Painted Goggles – White/Bluesolex

Most people found them to be a high quality, durable pair of goggles that provided great visibility. In a sampling of 34 reviews of people who have purchased these goggles, 29 rated them with five stars, 2 gave them a four star review, 2 ranked them with three stars, with only 1 giving them a two star review. No one gave them a one star rating.

Food for thought!

Anon optics has raised the bar in the snow goggle and winter sports industry, creating a goggle with superior function and design. The Anon Realm goggles are constructed from sturdy high quality thermoplastic polyurethane which resists abrasion while at the same time providing flexibility due to the ability to adjust to changing temperatures. The elasticity of this product will ensure a proper fit for any and every face shape. Lenses provided wearers with enhanced vision in all weather conditions while protecting eyes from UV rays and the elements.

Ideal for skiing in mountainous climates, anyone wearing the Anon Realm Goggles will be sure to outlast fellow skiers with inferior lenses. These goggles fit well and are the perfect size to provide skiers with lightweight comfort and style. All goggles in the Anon Realm line feature the latest in advanced innovation to give users a top of the line goggle. Anon takes pride in providing attention to detail, and give the user exactly what they need in a high end ski goggle.

Here at ‘Goggles With Lenses‘ we like to cater for all you’re needs when it comes to high performing winter sport equipment so you don’t have to think of going elsewhere and we hope we are giving you the needed information.

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If you are look to purchase these Anon Realm Goggles, Please be sure to shop around as bargains are to be made! until next time over and out -

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Goggles with Lenses – Anon Helix Goggles Review

This model happens to perfectly fit the expectations of those acquiring them. With stunning features and a magnificent taste, exclusive anon helix goggles go hand in hand with the fashion trend making it an ideal preference to many young people as well as the middle aged.

Goggles with Lenses are proud to review these Anon Helix Goggles.


Anon Men’s Helix Non Mir Goggles – Abyss/AmberAnon Helix Mirror/Spare Men’s Goggle – BlackAnon Helix Snow Goggles – Stealth Spare ~ Silver Mirror – One Size

In an affordable price range, these set of goggles have managed to hit the hotly contested world of goggles and proven to be the fastest running horse. It entails a number of magnificent features such as a venting channelled for the maximum flow of air, the latest technology of injected lenses for the clearest views and finally, a profile that is panoramic enhanced to enable the peripheral view of the mountain or any other high altitude features.

Since it was introduced, it has been able to serve as a missing link between the inexpensive eBay options and the outstanding high performance of the snow board’s goggles pieces. The goggles have remained to be significantly resistant to abrasions, provide elasticity of superior high class and maintain a reliable consistency in the temperature changing by featuring the well designed and fully tested thermoplastic material.

Additionally, the goggles are built for medium sized visages due to their flat sized lenses although for those with wide faces, there are also extra-large ones, designed for people whose interest lies on varieties. Far from that, these goggles are made from quality material providing the desired visibility to the user. This has seen a lot of customers hit to a number of store outlets seeking these reputable lenses.

The basic principle behind the making of the lenses is that they are deigned in such a way the central part is thicker as compared to the peripheral areas. Optical volume is hence boosted by the design through the enhancing of upward and downward vision as well as preventing any form lens and frame distortion.

As for the technology behind it, the lens is fitted in well-designed frames as a way of shapes that are pre curved. The importance of this is that it enables an optimal and untold magnificence in the clarity purpose as well as provision of a good spectacle to the people seeing the Anon Helix goggles from the outside.

Other than that, this prevents any form of refraction of light which is not a favourable factor to the eye. However, the straps are customizable and engineered hinge and strap is utilized by the Anon Helix goggles. However , the feature, which is satisfyingly patent, entail proper and adequate tolerances of the swing factor that enhance the helmet looks, appearances as well as compatibility.

Why Anon Helix Goggles?

The merits behind the above Anon Helix lenses glasses are numerous. It can be a great option to those who like fashion. Through its untold uniqueness, it is admittedly able to flow with any fashion. Due to those who love sporting activities, look no further, these are the goggles for you.

The hard lenses can withstand possible breakages and the straps are just adequate for any pull. Most importantly, this well know brand Anon have had a chance to hit the music and film industries. Most celebrities and actors are nowadays adorned in these goggles making it quite easy for the manufacturers to market the product.

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Goggles with Lenses – Anon Figment Goggles Review

When looking for goggles with lenses, there are certain qualities that have to stand out. The ability for one to see with them is of utmost importance. This review will take a look at the latest ‘Anon Figment Goggles’ and check whether they match up to their words. Do the goggles produce prodigious vision for winter sports fanatics or do they underwhelm? This review will state the pros, cons and everything else related to our opinion on the goggles.

Anon Figment Goggles Specifications

Before delving into the pros and cons of the item, it is time to look at what it offers. The lens is of a ‘cylindrical’ variety ensuring better peripheral and overall vision. A ventilation system (membrane) is equipped with the goggles to filter out snow-like particles. The strap has an ‘auto-adjust’ functionality for those looking to make quick changes. The ‘face foam’ seal ensures the goggles stay firmly in place on the rider’s face.

Anon Figment Goggles Review


Let’s begin with the vision. There is no doubting the ‘Anon Figment Goggles’ do a brilliant job of providing clear sight along with protection. The number one problem with goggles can be the lack of peripheral sight and all that can be lost because of this fact. Yet, by design these goggles are shaped to allow close to perfect peripheral vision for riders. This fact props up these goggles as one of the best in the market for what they do.

There is minimal fogging with the glasses. Due to the conditions around winter sports, the goggles can easily begin fogging up. This can become a nuisance and even a safety hazard for riders going at top speeds. These goggles have tremendous resistance against fogging and the vision remains clear throughout the ride.

The fitting is excellent; it shapes directly to one’s facial structure. There are no issues with air being seeped in through the holes and causing eyes to become watery. There is no point to goggles, if there is no fogging, but one’s eyes keep getting moist due to air leaking in.
The pressure points within the goggles are exceptional and stay shaped around one’s face.
One pro that is often left out, but is just as important would be the style factor. Do these goggles provide a respectable look while out on the course? No one wants to look funny while riding as that is not great for one’s confidence. However, these goggles are flashy and look terrific. They are designed to look good, while doing all that is required from goggles.


There aren’t too many issues encompassing this particular product. It is an excellent purchase for those riders looking to step up their game, while remaining safe. If there is a point to pick on, it might be the straps hanging out from the side of the goggles. They aren’t as sturdy as one would like them to be, which can be concerning. It’s not a major issue as long as one is careful with them, while putting on the goggles. Ripping them away could do harm to the goggles.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a great product. Simple as that. One can tell there was a lot of thought behind the design process both for convenience and look. The Anon Figment Goggles are a beautiful product and will look good on the face of any rider. They will provide the protection one requires outside. Goggles with lenses don’t come as good as this one.

If you would like helpful hints and tips on what equipment you need and how to become the best you can at Snowboarding or Skiing then give this a try, We recommend it.

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Goggles with Lenses – Anon Insurgent Goggles Review

Goggles are essential to protect your eyes from dust particles, water or chemical substances. Anon Insurgent Goggles with lenses are much more sophisticated and designed to give maximum protection while enhancing your appearance at the same time.

The panoramic fit, function and form of Anon Insurgent goggles are of high quality and precision that makes it unique among the goggles available in the market.

They are best suited for snow skiing, snowboarding, surfing, mountaineering and other such adventures.

Sharp visibility becomes possible with the Anon Insurgent Goggles which will allow you to observe bright sun to hard driving snow. The high quality lens and anti-fog design makes it easy to have good visibility in the difficult mountain environments. You will be able to continue to perform longer in the mountain slopes than without with these goggles.

Your eyes are protected fully from the harmful UV rays by the Tru-V polycarbonate lens used in these goggles. There is a removable Air Mesh Ventilation and anti-fog designs that will help get rid of the fog.

A triple layered moisture absorbing fleece provides a good fitting for the face and prevents anything from entering your eyes. It does not irritate your skin. Anon Insurgent is compatible to be worn with a variation of different helmets which is a must for the extremists.
The laser etched graphic treatments elevate the frames and the straps have advanced features like suede, emblems and badges and made of high quality leather. The spherical shape lens increases the peripheral vision and gives you the widest panoramic view which is rendered by the injection molded frame. Distortion is decreased by using a thicker material for the middle layer and its thickness is reduced as it tapers off to the ends. It is highly suitable for the natural shape of your eyes.

Condensation is made less by the construction of dual-lens and the coating of the anti-fog ensures clear vision even in harsh conditions.

Advert by Anon

So let’s bullet point these key advantages here:

  • Anti-fog design
  • Improves visibility in extreme climates
  • Longer performance
  • Tru-V UV Polycarbonate Lens
  • Removable Air Mesh Ventilation Filter
  • Triple Layered for less moisture which results in less condensation
  • Comfortable interchangeable straps

Different colours are available with Solex lenses. When you are wearing these goggles you will feel very comfortable. The highlights of the Anon insurgent goggles like the following makes it one of its kind.

  • Triple Layer Face foam,
  • Spherical Goggle technology
  • Excellent low profile lightweight frame,
  • Pivoting hinge lens
  • decentred technology with a curvature that mimics the natural curvature of the human eyes
  • dual lens construction
  • anti-for coating
  • Tru-V polycarbonate lens that offers 100% UV protection

Anon Men’s Insurgent Premium Goggles – Black Suede/Blue LagoonAnon Insurgent 12/13 Goggles – White with Red Solex Lens

And finally, full perimeter channel ventilation that allows air to flow freely in and out of the goggles, these are the main features of the Anon Insurgent goggles with lenses.

Owing to all the above special features Anon remains the leader of the industry in growing performance and style.

The company aims at providing maximum vision during the difficult weather conditions along with fine finishing’s and beautification. This is the reason why it is the favourite among the elite sports people who use goggles for snowboarding, surfing etc.

If you would like helpful hints and tips on what equipment you need and how to become the best you can at Snowboarding or Skiing then give this a try, We recommend it.

A select special few are still available here so take a look.
Maximum comfort is ensured due to the special features like goggle to face fit that seals out the elements. Climatic control is made possible by the dual lens construction between the lenses and your face. The additional feature of anti-fog coating ensures clear performance.

Nov 10

Goggles with Lenses – Anon Comrade Goggles Review

Welcome to Goggles with Lenses product reviews, we try to give you the right infomation to match the product for you if you’re having second thoughts and want some reassurance on which range or selection you’d prefer, so let’s get it on and review these awesome goggles! Continue reading for an Anon Comrade goggle review…

Anon Comrade Goggles Review

The Anon Comrade goggles with lenses are the best range Anon manufacture. More so, they are also the largest of the Anon 2012 bestselling range coupled with their spherical double lens and you’ve got an amazing pair of goggles. The guys at Anon appropriately say, “See it all. Send it into orbit.”

Anon Comrade Goggles Specifications

  • Spherical Lens
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • Double Lens
  • Solar Shield Hard Coating – Increased scratch Resistance
  • Dual Layer Face Foam – For the ideal comfortable fit and to seal out the cold.
  • Frame Height: 101mm
  • Range – Season 2012
  • Scratch Resistant

Goggles with Lenses are proud to put together a review for these goggles, The Anon Comrade Pro edition are really well designed with amazing build quality that you can really appreciate, The Anon Comrade edition are the best money can buy within the Anon range.

Anon Men’s Comrade Premium Goggles – Agent/Red SolexAnon Comrade Painted Men’s Goggle – Metallic BlueAnon Comrade Painted Men’s Goggle – Green

What’s great about these goggles is that they are very robust and the actual goggle lenses are very well designed and also interchangeable, This range, “Anon Comrade” can integrate with their range of helmets which is a major plus so you can keep your best fitting goggles with lenses rather than having to change goggle’s when using a helmet.

These goggles with lenses can be used for various sports but primarily utilised for skiing and snowboarding alongside other winter sport activities. The main difference from the Anon Goggles range, ie: Comrade / Hawkeye / M1 etc is the Frame heights, These particular goggles with lenses come with a frame height of 101mm.

Reason’s I adore the Anon goggles is that they come in many different colours and designs that you can even customise to your particular taste, that being said, make sure you don’t go overboard on your design as it could distract oncoming people and may cause accidents, Trust me, have you heard the phrase “second look”? well if you’re sporting these brand of goggles with lenses then you’re going to achieve more than just a “second look” you’re going to be causing people’s heads to turn and literally drool over you whilst you’re hitting them heights!

To my knowledge there are no disadvantages to these goggles with lenses, they are simply one of the best you can buy on the market, So if you are looking for a great pair of winter sport goggles then I’d highly recommend purchasing these all the way every day, just be sure to pick you’re design out of there product.

If you would like helpful hints and tips on how to become the best you can at Snowboarding or Skiing then give this a try, We recommend it.

The best place to shop for these goggles are on Amazon, I have looked on there and found lot’s of variations at affordable prices, so please be sure to check out there prices first, click here to view products.