Nov 10

Goggles with Lenses – Anon Insurgent Goggles Review

Goggles are essential to protect your eyes from dust particles, water or chemical substances. Anon Insurgent Goggles with lenses are much more sophisticated and designed to give maximum protection while enhancing your appearance at the same time.

The panoramic fit, function and form of Anon Insurgent goggles are of high quality and precision that makes it unique among the goggles available in the market.

They are best suited for snow skiing, snowboarding, surfing, mountaineering and other such adventures.

Sharp visibility becomes possible with the Anon Insurgent Goggles which will allow you to observe bright sun to hard driving snow. The high quality lens and anti-fog design makes it easy to have good visibility in the difficult mountain environments. You will be able to continue to perform longer in the mountain slopes than without with these goggles.

Your eyes are protected fully from the harmful UV rays by the Tru-V polycarbonate lens used in these goggles. There is a removable Air Mesh Ventilation and anti-fog designs that will help get rid of the fog.

A triple layered moisture absorbing fleece provides a good fitting for the face and prevents anything from entering your eyes. It does not irritate your skin. Anon Insurgent is compatible to be worn with a variation of different helmets which is a must for the extremists.
The laser etched graphic treatments elevate the frames and the straps have advanced features like suede, emblems and badges and made of high quality leather. The spherical shape lens increases the peripheral vision and gives you the widest panoramic view which is rendered by the injection molded frame. Distortion is decreased by using a thicker material for the middle layer and its thickness is reduced as it tapers off to the ends. It is highly suitable for the natural shape of your eyes.

Condensation is made less by the construction of dual-lens and the coating of the anti-fog ensures clear vision even in harsh conditions.

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So let’s bullet point these key advantages here:

  • Anti-fog design
  • Improves visibility in extreme climates
  • Longer performance
  • Tru-V UV Polycarbonate Lens
  • Removable Air Mesh Ventilation Filter
  • Triple Layered for less moisture which results in less condensation
  • Comfortable interchangeable straps

Different colours are available with Solex lenses. When you are wearing these goggles you will feel very comfortable. The highlights of the Anon insurgent goggles like the following makes it one of its kind.

  • Triple Layer Face foam,
  • Spherical Goggle technology
  • Excellent low profile lightweight frame,
  • Pivoting hinge lens
  • decentred technology with a curvature that mimics the natural curvature of the human eyes
  • dual lens construction
  • anti-for coating
  • Tru-V polycarbonate lens that offers 100% UV protection

Anon Men’s Insurgent Premium Goggles – Black Suede/Blue LagoonAnon Insurgent 12/13 Goggles – White with Red Solex Lens

And finally, full perimeter channel ventilation that allows air to flow freely in and out of the goggles, these are the main features of the Anon Insurgent goggles with lenses.

Owing to all the above special features Anon remains the leader of the industry in growing performance and style.

The company aims at providing maximum vision during the difficult weather conditions along with fine finishing’s and beautification. This is the reason why it is the favourite among the elite sports people who use goggles for snowboarding, surfing etc.

If you would like helpful hints and tips on what equipment you need and how to become the best you can at Snowboarding or Skiing then give this a try, We recommend it.

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Maximum comfort is ensured due to the special features like goggle to face fit that seals out the elements. Climatic control is made possible by the dual lens construction between the lenses and your face. The additional feature of anti-fog coating ensures clear performance.