Goggles with Lenses – Anon Comrade Goggles Review

Welcome to Goggles with Lenses product reviews, we try to give you the right infomation to match the product for you if you’re having second thoughts and want some reassurance on which range or selection you’d prefer, so let’s get it on and review these awesome goggles! Continue reading for an Anon Comrade goggle review…

Anon Comrade Goggles Review

The Anon Comrade goggles with lenses are the best range Anon manufacture. More so, they are also the largest of the Anon 2012 bestselling range coupled with their spherical double lens and you’ve got an amazing pair of goggles. The guys at Anon appropriately say, “See it all. Send it into orbit.”

Anon Comrade Goggles Specifications

  • Spherical Lens
  • Interchangeable Straps
  • Double Lens
  • Solar Shield Hard Coating – Increased scratch Resistance
  • Dual Layer Face Foam – For the ideal comfortable fit and to seal out the cold.
  • Frame Height: 101mm
  • Range – Season 2012
  • Scratch Resistant

Goggles with Lenses are proud to put together a review for these goggles, The Anon Comrade Pro edition are really well designed with amazing build quality that you can really appreciate, The Anon Comrade edition are the best money can buy within the Anon range.

Anon Men’s Comrade Premium Goggles – Agent/Red SolexAnon Comrade Painted Men’s Goggle – Metallic BlueAnon Comrade Painted Men’s Goggle – Green

What’s great about these goggles is that they are very robust and the actual goggle lenses are very well designed and also interchangeable, This range, “Anon Comrade” can integrate with their range of helmets which is a major plus so you can keep your best fitting goggles with lenses rather than having to change goggle’s when using a helmet.

These goggles with lenses can be used for various sports but primarily utilised for skiing and snowboarding alongside other winter sport activities. The main difference from the Anon Goggles range, ie: Comrade / Hawkeye / M1 etc is the Frame heights, These particular goggles with lenses come with a frame height of 101mm.

Reason’s I adore the Anon goggles is that they come in many different colours and designs that you can even customise to your particular taste, that being said, make sure you don’t go overboard on your design as it could distract oncoming people and may cause accidents, Trust me, have you heard the phrase “second look”? well if you’re sporting these brand of goggles with lenses then you’re going to achieve more than just a “second look” you’re going to be causing people’s heads to turn and literally drool over you whilst you’re hitting them heights!

To my knowledge there are no disadvantages to these goggles with lenses, they are simply one of the best you can buy on the market, So if you are looking for a great pair of winter sport goggles then I’d highly recommend purchasing these all the way every day, just be sure to pick you’re design out of there product.

If you would like helpful hints and tips on how to become the best you can at Snowboarding or Skiing then give this a try, We recommend it.

The best place to shop for these goggles are on Amazon, I have looked on there and found lot’s of variations at affordable prices, so please be sure to check out there prices first, click here to view products.



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