Goggles with Lenses – Anon Figment Goggles Review

When looking for goggles with lenses, there are certain qualities that have to stand out. The ability for one to see with them is of utmost importance. This review will take a look at the latest ‘Anon Figment Goggles’ and check whether they match up to their words. Do the goggles produce prodigious vision for winter sports fanatics or do they underwhelm? This review will state the pros, cons and everything else related to our opinion on the goggles.

Anon Figment Goggles Specifications

Before delving into the pros and cons of the item, it is time to look at what it offers. The lens is of a ‘cylindrical’ variety ensuring better peripheral and overall vision. A ventilation system (membrane) is equipped with the goggles to filter out snow-like particles. The strap has an ‘auto-adjust’ functionality for those looking to make quick changes. The ‘face foam’ seal ensures the goggles stay firmly in place on the rider’s face.

Anon Figment Goggles Review


Let’s begin with the vision. There is no doubting the ‘Anon Figment Goggles’ do a brilliant job of providing clear sight along with protection. The number one problem with goggles can be the lack of peripheral sight and all that can be lost because of this fact. Yet, by design these goggles are shaped to allow close to perfect peripheral vision for riders. This fact props up these goggles as one of the best in the market for what they do.

There is minimal fogging with the glasses. Due to the conditions around winter sports, the goggles can easily begin fogging up. This can become a nuisance and even a safety hazard for riders going at top speeds. These goggles have tremendous resistance against fogging and the vision remains clear throughout the ride.

The fitting is excellent; it shapes directly to one’s facial structure. There are no issues with air being seeped in through the holes and causing eyes to become watery. There is no point to goggles, if there is no fogging, but one’s eyes keep getting moist due to air leaking in.
The pressure points within the goggles are exceptional and stay shaped around one’s face.
One pro that is often left out, but is just as important would be the style factor. Do these goggles provide a respectable look while out on the course? No one wants to look funny while riding as that is not great for one’s confidence. However, these goggles are flashy and look terrific. They are designed to look good, while doing all that is required from goggles.


There aren’t too many issues encompassing this particular product. It is an excellent purchase for those riders looking to step up their game, while remaining safe. If there is a point to pick on, it might be the straps hanging out from the side of the goggles. They aren’t as sturdy as one would like them to be, which can be concerning. It’s not a major issue as long as one is careful with them, while putting on the goggles. Ripping them away could do harm to the goggles.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a great product. Simple as that. One can tell there was a lot of thought behind the design process both for convenience and look. The Anon Figment Goggles are a beautiful product and will look good on the face of any rider. They will provide the protection one requires outside. Goggles with lenses don’t come as good as this one.

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