Goggles with Lenses – Anon M1 Goggles Review

Anon M1 Goggles are premium snow goggles. In this review we will be discussing the pro’s and con’s of the product.

They have a magnet-based lens system that’s interchangeable making it easy to swap out the lenses in changing light conditions. The frames are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and are designed to be flexible no matter the temperature as well as elastic to fit a variety of facial shapes. The lenses themselves are injection-molded and have Solar Shield Technology to support resistance to scratching.

The lenses have also been treated with anti-fog material, giving the wearer clear vision in changing weather conditions. The foam in the goggles with lenses is triple-layer and has moisture-wicking fleece to seal the eyes securely from the elements. Consumers can choose from two different types of lenses. The Black Emblem has a red-mirrored lens while the Agent frame has a silver lens.

The pros of these goggles are that they make swapping lenses simple. Most of the goggles available today have a mechanical locking system, but Anon developed their strategy to make it easier to change lenses using magnets. There are six magnets around the frame and users simply pull the lens off and drop in a different one without having to deal with tabs or latches. When compared to similar models, consumers found that changing the lenses was much easier on the Anon M1 goggles. Although it does require a little finesse, mastering the method of switching out the lenses is fairly basic.

Another pro is the flexibility of the frames. While it would seem logical that with a magnet-attached lens the frame would need to be more rigid, this is not the case for the M1. Torqueing both sides of the frame don’t cause the lens to become dislodged. The magnets in the frame and lens are powerful and it’s hard to dislodge the frame even with extensive twisting and bending.
The lens retention was excellent and a definite pro for this product. During brutal wipe-outs, the magnets still stayed put and although one or two were occasionally dislodged, the lens stayed on the frame and it was easy to snap back into place.

M1 Goggle – Agent with Silver Solex LensSnowglasses Anon M1 Black

While there are many pros to this product, the M1 has some short-comings as well. Unlike similar models, the M1′s strap is not lined with silicone. While most people did not find this to be a problem, it may cause the goggles to be less secure and move around. The strap may also limit the type of helmet used.

Another pro with the M1 is the price. Although the retail price is similar to comparative models, the additional lenses are almost $100 each, while most models only charge about $50 for their additional lenses. The manufacturers state that since their lenses have advanced treatments and technology, the price bump is understandable. However, some may find this price hard to swallow.
Overall, these goggles are an advantage on the slopes, especially for hard-core snowboarders who need the features. However, with the high price tag, less frequent fans are probably better off going for a less expensive version.

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