Goggles with Lenses – Anon Realm Goggles Review

Anon Realm Goggles Review, These goggles are high quality skiing goggles with lenses that feature Anon’s Spherical Lens Technology. This improves optical clarity, while at the same time giving you a great fit, great form, and great function. Anon Realm goggles provided wearers with superior visibility in weather conditions ranging from extremely bright sun to hard falling snow, making them ideal for use by skiers.

Anon Realm Goggles Specifications:

- Goggles feature Tru-V lenses for 100% UV protection
- Removable Air Mesh Ventilation system
- Anti-fog treatment to keep lenses from fogging up
- Triple layer facial foam provides improved goggle to face fit
- Seals out wind, snow, and sun to provide wearer with hours of comfort on the slopes

Pros and Cons of the Anon Realm Goggles

Customers that own and use the Anon Realm Goggles state that these goggles with lenses are easy to use, stylish, durable, and lightweight. They also state that the goggle performs very well in many weather situations including slushy conditions, icy conditions, powdery snow, and white out conditions.

The Anon Realm goggles with lenses are also available in a variety of different styles and colors, all made from the same high quality materials and having the same general high quality features.

Very few negative comments were made by any of the consumers who had purchased these goggles. Almost all owners found them to meet or exceed their expectations. Of the few who did have something negative to say, it was about the foam layers separating to the point where she needed to replace her goggles at the end of the season. Another user mentioned the side pieces designed to hold the strap broke and that they experienced slight fogging of the lenses.

Anon Men’s Realm Premium Goggles – Infantry/Gold ChromeAnon Realm Printed Men’s Goggle – Pinball WizardAnon Men’s Realm Painted Goggles – White/Bluesolex

Most people found them to be a high quality, durable pair of goggles that provided great visibility. In a sampling of 34 reviews of people who have purchased these goggles, 29 rated them with five stars, 2 gave them a four star review, 2 ranked them with three stars, with only 1 giving them a two star review. No one gave them a one star rating.

Food for thought!

Anon optics has raised the bar in the snow goggle and winter sports industry, creating a goggle with superior function and design. The Anon Realm goggles are constructed from sturdy high quality thermoplastic polyurethane which resists abrasion while at the same time providing flexibility due to the ability to adjust to changing temperatures. The elasticity of this product will ensure a proper fit for any and every face shape. Lenses provided wearers with enhanced vision in all weather conditions while protecting eyes from UV rays and the elements.

Ideal for skiing in mountainous climates, anyone wearing the Anon Realm Goggles will be sure to outlast fellow skiers with inferior lenses. These goggles fit well and are the perfect size to provide skiers with lightweight comfort and style. All goggles in the Anon Realm line feature the latest in advanced innovation to give users a top of the line goggle. Anon takes pride in providing attention to detail, and give the user exactly what they need in a high end ski goggle.

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