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Welcome to Goggles with Lenses official website, We’re here to help you and inform you on the latest released winter sport equipment, primarily on goggles with lenses for example, Anon Hawkeyes or Anon M1′s, Those were simply examples but we have tested and written many reviews for different models/brands. Let us help you decide.

So what do we do?

Here at “Goggles with Lenses” we hope to provide quality and valuable information to help you with your purchases, This is what we do, We test and review specialized products and produce a very informative review on that said product.

We’re specialist in Product reviews of a specific type – Winter and Outdoor equipment, our main Reviews are for Goggles with Lenses for example to name a few; Anon Hawk eye Goggles , Anon M1 Goggles, Yes, that’s correct snowboard/skiing goggles is what we do and review!

Why should we trust your Reviews?

We take pride in what we do and only review & recommend certain products, We try to give a thorough informative review for you and also lead you into the right direction on where these products can be found, At Goggles with Lenses you can be sure to pick up and read on an unbiased product review of your choice, Please do contact us if the review you’re looking for is not on our website, We do have loads of reviews yet to be released but we encourage our readers to let us know which ones you would like displayed ASAP!

What do we get out of it?

We do not get paid for these reviews however we do appreciate donations to help keep this website maintained, This is easy for you, simply use our review as your direct source of information and click through to our Amazon links, If you do purchase the goggles you want, We will then be paid a little commission on the product, This helps us greatly of the up keep for this website, we appreciate your help and support.

Who writes your reviews?

We are a team of 5, We all love winter sports and we now make it priority to inform a lot of people like ourselves who are passionate about Winter Sports product information, Let’s all admit that there are tons of winter sport equipment out there and many brands available too, We simply categorize them all and attach our personal input in relation that that product. Make Goggles With Lenses your place for Goggle Reviews .


With videos and lot’s of product pictures make sure you come back and read about the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of you’re purchase before you get upset and receive an item you did not actually want.

We give you valuable information of all major brand competitors that sell different types of goggles with lenses such as, Anon, Arctica, Von Zipper.